The Body Jewelry

These are jewelries that go beyond the usual and are worn in different parts of the body and the choice depends on the person who is wearing them. They are found in different types and are alternative to the standard necklaces, earring and bracelets that are worn. There are also different styles of these jewelries hence one has to look for the style that will best fit them. Some of these styles include:

The foot jewelry – this includes the toes ring, ankle bracelets and bangles and the barefoot sandals. The toe ring can be worn by any one and they are usually worn on the toes, they are open and when wearing one just slips it around the toe. The ankle bracelets are draped above the ankle bones and they have different styles in them. The barefoot sandals are a hybrid of the ankle bracelet and the toe ring hence can be stretched from the toe anchor to the ankle.

The belly jewelry- this includes the navel rings and the belly chains which are both used differently in the body. The belly chains are one of the hottest jewelry and it is also the best to wear with swimsuits. It can be used to show the waistline and it can also be adjusted to whatever size that one want it to be. The navel rings are also widely used and admired by many of those who want to use them.

Jewelry Design Procedure

Different jewelries are designed for different purposes and for different target groups. One can create jewelries for friends, family members of for sale so as to gain profit.

Currently and due to the improved technology, there are many materials that are available for the jewelry designers. This work of designing can be done as a hobby or one can just decide to specialize in it hence working on it in a full time basis. When designing the jewelry one can decide on what materials and tools to use, for example one can use beads in case designing necklace jewelry, or can use gemstones or metals.

Learning how to make the various art forms is the first step that is involved when one decides to design jewelry, since there are very many techniques that one can use in making jewelry.

The first technique that is applicable to a person doing it the first time is the use of bids, where a string and bids are used to create different things such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. For one to start designing and making jewelry they need some items such as string or wire, a study guide on how to make jewelry, beads, clasps, clippers and a box to keep the jewelries.

One can make for example a bracelet by first designing it whereby they draw a sketch of how it will look like and the making it according to the way in which it has been sketched.

Types of Men’s Jewelry

There are different types of men’s jewelries that are available which are used by many of them to reflect on their styles which are very unique. These jewelleries include earrings, classic rings, bangle, necklaces and bracelets among others.

They are readily available at the shopping centers and they are sold at different prices due to their difference in models and also in makes. Some of the best jewelry rings available for men include:

– The Olivetti which is a titanium ring meant for men and it has resin inlay together with cubic zirconia and it is about 9mm in diameter. The ring is priced at EUR 31.83 and it has various features such as resistance to scratches due it light weight titanium, it is brushed and highly polish with a metal weight of 62 grams among many other different features.

– The black ceramic hunting camo ring which is about 8mm and is price at EUR 38.96. This ring has different features that make it admirable to many, it is made of black ceramic and it is highly resistant to scratches with a band fit that brings about comfort ability. It is very light and it is also to clean and it has a metal weight of about 7 grams.

Is Your Jewelry in or Out?

If you have ever viewed a period movie, you will notice the enormous details of the costumes, hair and jewelry. The crew will go into great lengths to find out what was fashionable during those times and project that into the motion picture that thousands, hopefully millions of people will go to see. Why do you think that happens? Because specific jewelry belongs to specific periods and you cannot put things that do not belong there, into a motion picture. What would you think if you saw Queen Mary wearing an acrylic necklace in the shape of a watermelon? No, that just would not do.

Wearing fashion jewelry is not just an option, but your right to live in the period and reflect your style. Being fashionably in style is the best look you can get. Not just follow the fashion with blindfolds on, but mix and match the current pieces with your existent style to get a unique look of your own. You can do just that with these magnificent pieces of jewelry.

Get them for yourself, get them for your best friends and if they are men, get them for their wives. You will be the bestest bestie in an instant!

Earrings (jewelry) and Their Types

Earrings are pieces of the jewelry which are attached to the ears through a piercing in the earlobe. For the earring component it may be made from a number of materials which includes; metal, glass, plastics, beads, bones and many others. Designs ranges from loops to many kind of a bit complicated forms. Most of the earring sizes are limited by the earlobe capability to carry and the way it can be fixed.

There are different types of the earrings which includes the modern standard pierced earrings. Example of these modern standard pierced earring are; stud earrings in which the appearance of floating on the ear or the earlobe without not being able to see from the front the point of connection. There is also the hoop earrings in which they are circular or semicircular in their design. Also they mostly look similar to a ring. Also there are the dangle earrings which are mostly designed to flow from the bottoms of the earlobe.

Huggy earrings which tends to be hugs at someone earlobe and hence buggy and they are very common and popular. The slave earrings are also another type of the earrings which are also called Bajoran earring. There are many other examples of different type of the earrings which one can find in different sites and references.

The Silver Jewelry

This has been used for a long time and it is worn by both men and women. The creation of silver jewelry started in the past and due to this it has been possible for many people to use to make different things such as rings, necklaces and bracelets.

The pure silver is very soft and it can be damaged easily hence when being used the silver must be mixed with other metals so as to help in improving its durability when making jewelry. The silver to be used is usually mixed with copper and the levels of purity must be checked in order to have the best mixture which will give out the best and strong metal. When making silver jewelry, it is advisable that one should check the quality of the silver so as to be able to determine the purity level.

There are different types of silver jewelry which are available and their difference is usually brought about by the level of purity in them. Some of the most common silver jewelry include: the fine silver which has a purity level of 99% hence referred to as pure silver, the sterling plate which is a mixture of silver and copper. The nickel silver which is an alloy of copper and nickel and zinc metal with no silver contained in it, the silver plate which is place on the base of metals as fine silver.

Emerald Jewelry and Its Uses

This type of jewelry is very famous and also creates fascination hence being demanded by many women and men. This emerald jewelry comes in different colors ranging from yellow-green to blue green, and also green. The best and most valuable emerald is the grass green which has a blue hint though it might have other shades in it. The value of this jewelry is highly affect by the brightness and the intensity of the color that they it has. The emeralds value increases with the increase in size and most of them are filled with oil so as to help in filling the fractures which are internal with it.

The emeralds jewelry has two main lab-grown emeralds which are the Gilson and the Chatham which makes it very expensive especially the Chatham. These lab-grown are cheaper than the natural emeralds which has the same quality with them. These emeralds are common in making rings or earrings which are not very big in size. Most of the natural color variations complement each other and makes the emeralds most available in different models.

These emeralds can also be used together in striking necklaces, bracelets and also pendants. The emerald jewelry should not be cleaned with ultrasonic cleaner so as to avoid flaws in the jewelry

Types of Jewelry Necklace

Necklaces are worn around the neck and are the articles of the jewelry. They are commonly made from a metal jewelry chain, whereas others might be woven or they are manufactured from the cloth using the twine or the string.

Necklaces have got common features including the colorful stones which are particularly jewels and the gemstones. Wood is also used when it’s curved or when polished, the shells, beads and the feathers. A pendant is a Necklace with the primary hanging features. Whereas if it happens that the pendant is a small container, then that is called a locket.

There are several types of necklaces in which their classification is by length. Mostly women necklaces are classified by length. There is the choker in which it is classified as 35centimeters to 41 centimeters long and it sits high in the neck. The princess necklace is 45 centimeters to 50centimetres long and it is longer than the choker.

There is the Matinee necklace which ranges between 56 to 58 centimeters long and it is a single strand which rests at the top of the cleavage. There is the opera necklace which is 75 to 90 centimeters long and it usually sits at the breastbone. The rope necklace is any necklace that happens to be longer than 90 centimeters which is the length of the opera necklace. These are just few examples of necklaces whereby there are many others in various references and sites.

Types of Ring Jewelry

A ring is a circular band which is a metal and it is mainly worn as an ornamental jewelry mostly around the finger or at times the toes. There are also other types of rings which are mostly worn as ornaments and they includes; bracelets, earrings, armlets and many others.


There are several types of rings which are made from jewelry and their styles in which they have got different images and as well as their uses. There is the Aqiq ring which is an agate ring commonly worn by the Muslims in the imitation of Muhammad. There is the championship ring which is a ring presented to the members of the winning team and also in the professional sports leagues and several tournaments. Some of the championship rings are the super bowl ring and the World Series ring.

There is also the key ring which is commonly mounted on a bezel. It is commonly used for family status demonstration and as well as a means to carry the family valuables chest key by the Romans. There is also the watch rings which are a small watch which is well fashioned to be worn as a ring.

There are also many other types of the rings which are jewelry like; arm rings, neck rings, toe rings and the earrings. However there are several types of the rings which are many according to their uses and their application in which one can refer to references and various sites.

Finger rings are still the most common type of rings, these are worn around one’s finger. There are many occasions that come with a ring, there is marriage, engagement, graduation and more. However, women (and men) also love to wear rings without any special meaning, just to add a little something to make them stand out.

One of the best and most beautiful rings are ruby rings. They can be made of gold, silver or other metals. They can be worn by both men and women. The Ruby is on top of the most beautiful and precious gems list, so it’s no wonder why everyone loves rings with rubies.