Gold Chain Jewelries

The gold jewelries are meant for both men and women and due to their beauty, they have become very popular and this makes them to be worn alone or together with some other beautiful pendants which makes them visually visible.

These chains are found in different designs and looks hence one has a variety of models to choose from. There are different types of gold chain and some of the best and most common include;

The fox gold chain which consists of two gold strands that are put together and they have a braided look. The rope chain which looks like a chain in style and it is usually worn together with pendants so as to make it more visible.

The box chain which has small, box links shape and it is also worn with pendants. Herringbone gold chain which is a woven chain which is made to lie flat against the wearer’s neckline and gives a good appeal. The rolo chain that is consisted of gold and circular links which makes it to offer simplicity and a stunning look. The marine chains that are designed from links which are oval and they have some intricate appearance that the other standard chains.

Some of these chains can even be gold plated jewerly which makes them look as if they are also made of gold. When designing these gold chains one has to consider the different types of gold and also the best color that will give the best look and appearance.