Jewelry Trends This Season !

Someone has rightly said Life is too short to wear boring jewelry

Let’s look at some jewelry trends that are prevalent this season
o Vintage
Classic vintage jewelry never goes out of style. Any outfit or a piece of clothing can be turned to make it look royale and chic but matching it with a vintage neckpiece or earring. You are sure to stay in the limelight.
o Circular
The circular shape is a symbol of indefinite love and life. It is sure to turn heads if worn in the right manner. The major trend includes wearing circular ear loops and circular neck pieces or neck chains with circular pendants.
o Layered jewelry
Layering includes wearing many layers of the same jewelry piece; Layering necklaces together or bracelets together. This looks nice and chunky without looking overdone. These are especially trending with gold and silver neckpieces. So, don’t wear one this season, wear six!

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