The Body Jewelry

These are jewelries that go beyond the usual and are worn in different parts of the body and the choice depends on the person who is wearing them. They are found in different types and are alternative to the standard necklaces, earring and bracelets that are worn. There are also different styles of these jewelries hence one has to look for the style that will best fit them. Some of these styles include:

The foot jewelry – this includes the toes ring, ankle bracelets and bangles and the barefoot sandals. The toe ring can be worn by any one and they are usually worn on the toes, they are open and when wearing one just slips it around the toe. The ankle bracelets are draped above the ankle bones and they have different styles in them. The barefoot sandals are a hybrid of the ankle bracelet and the toe ring hence can be stretched from the toe anchor to the ankle.

The belly jewelry- this includes the navel rings and the belly chains which are both used differently in the body. The belly chains are one of the hottest jewelry and it is also the best to wear with swimsuits. It can be used to show the waistline and it can also be adjusted to whatever size that one want it to be. The navel rings are also widely used and admired by many of those who want to use them.

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