The Sparkle That Shines in Your Eyes

Have you ever seen a little girl play with her toys? Or not even toys, but a piece of fabric or ribbon? Anything she finds in her mother’s purse during a boring tea party? The round metal of the key ring will go directly on her tiny little finger. The shiny, colorful ribbon will wrap around her capable wrist the best way she knows how. She will enjoy the sparks bouncing off the lights and enjoy carrying those little accessories she has made herself.

Jewelry has always been enjoyable for women. Not talking about the tribe traditions they enforce over women, of course. But the beautiful shiny rings, earrings, necklaces, bangles, bracelets, piercings that come in all sorts of colors made with gold, silver, copper, adorned with precious or semi-precious stones.

Or the wooden or acrylic ones of late. No matter their shape or form, a woman will enjoy a new necklace or earring, a bracelet or ring. The common sense is to carry only 3 pieces at any given moment, but there are always exceptions, and in this case the the-more-the-merrier crew is often preferred, and with good reason.

Why limit yourself to only three when the whole store is yours?

Form and Function of Jewelry

Jewelry has been used for many purposes and for different reasons. It has been used to put or fix hair in place or even fix clothing. Also it has been used to tell the time hour and that’s in cases of the watches. In terms of the social and personal status it is used as a marker and that’s as during the wedding it is used as a ring.

It signifies the relationship forms, that is whether ethnic or social or even sometimes religious. It is also used in the provision of protection as a talismanic protection and this when in the form as the amulets. In the art work it is used as an artistic display. Also it is used to symbolize things and feelings of people such as love, mourning and many others like luck.

In most of the cultural practices, jewelry has been used here as a form to store wealth and this was in case of the large amounts of wealth or properties. It has also been used as a value for exchange as a currency in the exchange of the goods. It was also used during payment of the dowries in the cultural times and much more also used to show the symbol of certain membership in various groups mostly in churches or in religions.