Jewelry and the Types in India

There are different types of jewelry that are found in India and this is because the women there mostly form their great combinations using these jewelries. The jewelry has been used in the making of ornaments and other valuable things which are meant for sale within and also outside the country. Most of these jewelries found in India are designed so that they can match with the attire that one dress in since the go together. The designers have to take into consideration some things such as the color and the design of the particular jewelry, this helps to make these jewelries more attractive and also appealing to the people.

Some of the most commonly and known Indian jewelry include: bead, bridal, antique, fashion, custom, gold, ivory, filigree, kundan, hand mate, jadau, lac, silver and the temple jewelries among many others which are made for sale and also for domestic wearing. Some of these jewelries are made from combination of other different materials.

The bridal jewelry is meant for wedding purposes and are made of very superior metals which have very good and enhanced quality. The custom jewelry is made based on the customer’s interest since it happens to be a personalized jewelry and one has the right to demand the make that they want. The fashion jewelry also called the costume is made from precious metals and stones that are bait lighter which are combined together with the jewelry to make them stronger and also attractive.

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