Tips on Wearing Jewelry

Jewelry is a woman’s best friend. Any plain or boring outfit can be made fun and exciting by adding the right piece of jewelry. Follow some tips:
o Earrings
Just earrings can be worn without teaming it up with anything else. A woman’s face is the first thing that is noticed. What better way to make it look prettier than a pair of beautiful soft studs.
o Neck pieces
There are all kinds of neck pieces available ranging from chokers with or without pendants to long neck pieces. A newest trend is collar necklace which goes absolutely well with tunics.
o Bracelets
A plain top over jeans can be teamed up with layers of bracelets. Wooden bracelets stacked up give a cool casual look. If you are out on a dinner date, you could opt for something more subtle and simple
o Rings
Women wearing rings is trending like never before, despite of weather they are married or not. The diamonds and gems make for the best choices.

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