Jewelry Design Procedure

Different jewelries are designed for different purposes and for different target groups. One can create jewelries for friends, family members of for sale so as to gain profit.

Currently and due to the improved technology, there are many materials that are available for the jewelry designers. This work of designing can be done as a hobby or one can just decide to specialize in it hence working on it in a full time basis. When designing the jewelry one can decide on what materials and tools to use, for example one can use beads in case designing necklace jewelry, or can use gemstones or metals.

Learning how to make the various art forms is the first step that is involved when one decides to design jewelry, since there are very many techniques that one can use in making jewelry.

The first technique that is applicable to a person doing it the first time is the use of bids, where a string and bids are used to create different things such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. For one to start designing and making jewelry they need some items such as string or wire, a study guide on how to make jewelry, beads, clasps, clippers and a box to keep the jewelries.

One can make for example a bracelet by first designing it whereby they draw a sketch of how it will look like and the making it according to the way in which it has been sketched.


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