The Jade Jewelry

This type of jewelry has most been used in china where it has been used in making different types of materials. Some of these materials are necklace, ring and others such as the bracelet which is worn by different people from different cultures. The jewelry comes in different shades such as green, gray, white, yellow, violet and also orange.

This jewelry comes from different jadeite, gemstones and also nephrite which are all similar though nephrite is more common and mostly used. The jade jewelry which is ramming is sold by pieces and it is very difficult to carve it since it has hard gem in it. The gemstone that is used is sold in raw form and has to be cut at the place of purchase where by diamond is used in the process of cutting it.

The quality of the jade must be determined in order to be able to have the best that will ensure that one produces the best products out of the gem. The jade jewelry has different qualities and one has to choose the best, these qualities include: the color, the translucency, texture and the cut. The color varies; the texture must be coarse and must have a clear translucency with very smooth cut in it. The jades is found in three types which are A, B, and C. all these types are different and they are also processed in different ways.