Impact of Jewelry on Society

Jewelry has been severally used in the status denotation. For example in the ancient Rome it was only specific ranks that used to wear rings. It was that, sumptuary laws enforced the kind of people who were eligible of wearing what type of jewelry in which it was also based on the rank.

An important role have been played by the cultural believes whereby, like in the western culture wearing of the earrings was taken to of masculine gender in the 19th to 20th century. In the recent times, the body jewelry like piercings has been accepted in several groups with some people whereas in others have been rejected or not allowed. Also the hip hop culture has commonly taken the slang term bling- bling, in which it is commonly refers to display of jewelry by women or the men.

In the 20th century jewelry industry had a campaign so as to popularize wedding rings for the men. Also it was very well as engagement rings for the men in which it didn’t. Also a role has been played in the religion whereby for the case of the Islam it considered the wearing of the gold by their men as a social taboo.

In the Christianity, according to the New Testament give reasons for the negative doings in the wearing of the gold. In case one is interested for more information one is required to find out more

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