Tips for Wearing Jewelry Fashionably

All women love their jewelry but we all know that sometimes we could go wrong with the mixing or the pairing with the right outfit. Wearing jewelry not only adds the oomph but also enhances your ensemble.
Let’s see how to wear jewelry fashionably.

o Let your jewelry show your spirit
Show off your spirit with your jewelry. Some prefer chunky jewelry while other women prefer small studs and keep it simple. Whatever your choice, make sure you show off your infectious spirit and make a statement.
o Louder clothes, softer jewelry
If your clothes have a lot of talking to do, keep your jewelry soft and simple. In other words, loud designs on your outfit call for simple and small jewelry.
o Keep one thing loud
Always remember to not fill yourself up with the jewelry making one feel like you are carrying your entire wardrobe on you. If you choose to layer up your bracelets, remember to take it easy on your neck piece and earrings.
o Lose the rest with Wide choker or bib

If you are wearing a choker or a bib, then let go off the other jewelry. A good neck piece deserves sole attention.

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