I Like This Jewellery… but When Will I Use It?

Did you just say that? Let it go through your mind? Let that annoying little voice in your head talk you out of buying that adorable piece of jewelry that you saw and loved? Mum’s the word! Never let that happen ever again… Here is why:

You know Little Black Dresses, the LBD’s are very popular. Why do you think that is? Of course, black has always been the slimming color and dresses are the most flattering clothes women can wear most of the time, but that it not all. You can get a simple, classic LBD and then turn it into a million different dresses and styles – with the help of accessories. And the most important accessories would most of the time consist of different pieces of jewelry.

So go ahead and get that wonderful piece the second you think I like this jewellery – you will definitely find an occasion and/or place to use it. If nothing else, put it on stance in front of your makeup mirror and enjoy seeing something you love every morning. Life is short, we should be able to fill it up with stuff we love and get to enjoy the little things.


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