Materials Used in Jewelry Creation

Jewelry are created from gemstones, coins and very many other precious items in which they are typically set into be precious metals. Every metal that is known to be encountered in jewelry are highly used in the alloys of the jewelry creation. There is the modern good jewelry which is used such as platinum, white gold, titanium and many others.

In the gold jewelry it is made from the alloy of gold, in which the purity is mostly stated in karats. Sterling silver is the most silver used in the jewelry. Stainless steel findings are used in the costume jewelry.
There are other many materials that are used such as glass, which is mostly fused glass, the wood which is turned and also shells and other animals substances which includes; bones, ivory and clay.

The clay is used as either natural clay or the polymer clay. Also twines and hemps are also used in the jewelry creation which is known to have more of natural feel. Also the beads are highly used in the jewelry. In which they are made from glass, metals, wood and sometimes from the polymer clay. Some of the common jewelry product that uses the beads is the bracelets, belts, rings and many others.

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